2023 Honda Civic Type R Gets More Power But Sticks With FWD And Manual

the most powerful R-branded Honda road car ever built, and arguably the most important enthusiasts’ machine of the year

The sixth Civic Type R since the series was launched in 1997 is based on the latest 11th generation Civic hatch

but it closely follows the template established by the previous R model that was launched in 2017

And that means, unlike the Civic Si, which comes only as a sedan, that the hottest Civic is very definitely a hatch

There had been some wild speculation during the new model’s early development that it might switch to all-wheel drive

along with some slightly more believable predictions that the 2023 machine would adopt a hybrid setup

But the car as delivered is simpler, more familiar, and probably all the better for it from a driver’s perspective

we expect the 2023 Civic Type R to come with an MSRP of around $40,000, making it slightly more affordable than the $44k