The WWE Is Adding Two Wrestlers Who May Drastically Shake Up The Main Event Scene

WWE is going through a few significant changes after Vince McMahon's retirement

The Recently Appointed Head of Creative Triple H Is Doing Much to Shake Up the Status quo

Reports of Braun Strowman's get back to and Solo Sequoia up from NXT could make something happen for a greater storyline

Reports surfaced throughout the course of recent days about the two grapplers, with PWInsider sharing the news that Braun Strowman will be on the forthcoming Monday Night Raw in Kansas City

Solo Sequoia will make a big appearance on the fundamental list one month from now

Remember that Braun Strowman had a few titles during his originally run on the principal program.

Despite being promoted to the Sequoia main roster, Braun Strowman and Solo don't appear to be participating in the forthcoming WWE pay-per-view match at the Castle.