beautiful soccer player in the world: discover Eugénie Le Sommer

At a very young age, Eugénie Le Sommer developed a love for the game of soccer.

At the young age of 5, he made the decision to join Plumergat in 1994, and the following year he moved to Trélissac.

made her women's section debut after falling to Weindenheim 2-0.

Le Sommer made his debut in a double friendly match against Germany on October 26 and 29, 2004, while wearing the France young jersey. He initially played in an under-17 formation.

His first goal was a goal that tied the game at 2-0 with Switzerland and gave the French a 3-2 victory over South Africa five days later.

He won two Cyprus Cups and a SheBelivies Cup with the national squad.

He has won 8 French Cups, 2 French Super Cups, and 10 national titles. The interesting element is the eight Champions League trophies that were brought in.